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Gentry Construction & Real Estate in Bloomington, IN Gentry Construction & Real Estate in Bloomington, IN Gentry Construction & Real Estate in Bloomington, IN Gentry Construction & Real Estate in Bloomington, IN

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“We can't begin to describe our happiness and our great association with the entire Gentry Group! We are two time house builders with Gentry ad have absolutely loved the building process (obviously, since we have done it twice). We believe we have an exceptional home, both in terms of quality and comfort, and we love the peace and serenity of our neighborhood. As customers, the service we have continuously received from the entire Gentry Group- is, in our opinion, second to none. Through the years we have encouraged friends and acquaintances to explore what Gentry has to offer and the Gentry team, and we would make that same recommendation today!"

— Kit & Rita Klingelhoffer

"I bought my very first home from the Gentry Group in 1992 and Pat Figg was my real estate agent at the time. I recall how nervous I was about purchasing my first home and how informative and patient she was with me. My cat Lucy and I now live in our second Gentry Home that backs against trees and a nature habitat filled with numerous species of birds, a deer once in a while and very energetic squirrels. I call this our “Nature Channel” and Lucy’s high definition TV. Our Gentry neighborhood feels a lot more like a community than in any other place I have ever lived. In the afternoons, it is common to see residents take tranquil walks with their families, friend, and pets, greeting each other on the street and stopping to chat or comment about a garden display. It is a joy to walk the neighborhood and see the love of nature that people display in their gardens and flower bed creations. The homes are beautiful and I particularly like the “environmentally conscious” strategy that Gentry is moving towards in building and designing these new energy efficient homes and in preserving protected green spaces throughout the subdivision."

— Laila Dabbagh

"The construction process was terrific! We were consulted and informed every step of the way and I was very efficient. Nothing was left to chance-the organization and attention to detail was impressive. I appreciated the opportunity to consult with an interior designer at the same time we were making for construction. It made our home a very special place that reflected our wishes and the care and thoughtfulness of everyone involved."

— Ute Coyne

"A Gentry neighborhood is a great mix of young people to retirees! What could be better than that?! On a personal note, we love the light, bright open living areas of our home. And, of course, the screened porch, decks and woods! We discovered that living here offers an easier and more comfortable way of living. Great planning by the Gentry Group!"

— Karen & David Cline

"We love living in a Gentry neighborhood in our beautiful home because of the convenient location, pleasant setting with lots of trees and green spaces, the diverse population of the neighborhood and because of the wonderfully accommodating builder!"

— Nick & Sandy Hipskind

"I enjoy living in a Gentry neighborhood due to the diversity of it’s residents and their professional backgrounds. The area affords interesting vistas and is properly maintained. Another plus is the availability of the builders to pursue resolutions to any construction issues that may arise, no matter how small. The neighbors are friendly, but not overly so, and the different types of architecture, exteriors and interiors, make the area pleasing to the eye."

— Aubrey Feiwell